Chiropractors Near Me, How Do I Choose?

Which chiropractor should I choose for my neck and back pain?
Which chiropractor should I choose for my neck and back pain?

With all of the side effects of medication and medical mistakes with diagnosis and surgeries, many people today are seeking out alternative medicine doctors such as chiropractors.  Most people ask “out of the chiropractors near me, how do I choose?”.

The Four Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Chiropractor

  1. Experience- Just like a dentist, attorney or financial advisor you really need to put in some time before you start to be polished in your profession.  Pick a chiropractic doctor who has been in practice for at least 5 years, after all this is your spine, nervous system and health that they are dealing with.  The more backs and neck the doctor sees the more efficient they are with treatment and the quality of their results.  Today we are surrounded by the massage envy business model, “The Joint” is the chiropractic version and all though you will pay much less to go to the joint almost every chiropractor in there is new and ready to practice.  Just like the analogy of a Vitamix blender, you can buy one that will last you 15 years or you can buy 15 cheaper blenders that each last you one year.  Remember, especially for any kind of service type industry, you get what you pay for.
  2. Technique- there are many different types of chiropractic techniques so you want to research the different kinds to see which one is right for you.  There are manual adjustments where the doctor uses their hands to physically move bones and joints and one usually hears a popping sound.  Then there are instrument adjusting chiropractors which use a tool to help put a vibrational energy into the joints, muscles or area they are trying to correct.  Chiropractic techniques are used to alleviate spine and nerve irritation naturally by using corrective spinal adjustments, the philosophy is all the same so you just need to choose the right technique for you.   If you don’t like to get your neck or back popped then you would be much more relaxed and get better results with the instrument adjusting.  If you would rather hear the popping sound of joints releasing then you should choose the manual adjusting technique.
  3. Location- chiropractic care can take months depending on the severity of one’s condition.  Often times a patient coming in with neck or back pain has been suffering for 10 years and now they are looking to correct it; this take time.  The location of your chiropractor is key because it has to be convenient if you are going 1-3 times per week for a few weeks or longer.  No one wants to drive one hour each way to see their chiropractic doctor 2-3 times per week.  Getting this kind of holistic spinal care should be something you look forward to; this is much easier if you only have to drive 15 minutes instead of 1 hour.
  4. Male or Female Doctor- just like the clients for a massage therapist, chiropractic patients may prefer a male or female doctor.  Unlike mainstream medicine patients build a rapport and get to know these alternative doctors so you need to be comfortable and not intimidated with your chiropractor.  Keep in mind just from statistics there are more male chiropractors than female, and also the majority of patients are female over male.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I have severe neck pain so how do I choose a chiropractor near me” then please use this outline above to help narrow down the choices.