Massage Envy Kingwood Texas, Not Cutting The Mustard

As a society we have been somewhat tricked into thinking we can get good quality or value at a discount.  Whether it be for massages, spa treatments, tires, electronics, chiropractic services, handymen, painters or landscapers; realistically you get what you pay for.  Massage Envy, a national chain, has popped up everywhere, almost as much as those emergency care clinics; do you think these businesses really care about there clients or are they just making money with their business model?  If you look at the reviews for Massage Envy Kingwood TX, you will see that it is not cutting the mustard, very similar to the reviews the emergency room clinics get.  When you look at personal testimonials and reviews from these companies you will see anywhere from 2.5-3.5 out of a possible score of 5.  Research has shown that it takes about 1 year of operation before these businesses have paid off their building, pretty impressive isn’t it?  If you think quality of service is compromised by the hidden agenda of making money; you are probably right and this is why you see the lack luster reviews.  There are a percentage of people who just like a good deal and a massage and for those folks massage envy meets their needs.

Today people want quality service and are willing to pay for it if they can find the right massage therapist, painter, AC person or handyman.  Finding the right provider of service is always the tough part, you cannot just go by testimonials from the business website; you really need to reach out further to friends, family, church friends, coworkers to find the right match.

So How Do You Know You Found Someone Good?

  1. You get the same great service every time you use that individual.
  2. They have a local number you can reach, not an 800 number who gives you some random person.
  3. You get service from the same person or provider every time, If you find someone good you do not want a different person from the same company giving you your next service.
  4. The provider goes above and beyond your expectations.  Using a low quality provider of services say for massage you really don’t have much expectations; I mean how can you?  If you get a good quality deep tissue or raindrop massage you may tip 20%, if you go to a chain massage group you may not tip at all or a nominal amount.  Service has to do with expectations and good quality work, no one complains about paying too much for services when they are blown away by the job done.
  5. They keep in touch, if you used a great handyman, wouldn’t you want them to stay in touch, email tips to help you around the house, mail you coupons and specials and more?  Of course you would.  Have you ever called massage envy or massage heights and asked if you can get in with your therapist and they say sorry he/she does not work here anymore?  This is an example of not keeping in touch, you are expecting one thing and getting the total opposite.  It is very difficult to have a corporate structure and still give good personalized customer service.

There are always levels of service when it comes to any profession, ask yourself if you want to pay less money for poorer service or spend the money and your expectations being exceeded?  In reality you can try both methods and compare the two, remember if the deal seems to good to be true; it probably is.