Business Success with Search Marketing

To have a successful business it is important to offer something that people are actually looking for.

Many people and experts will tell you to follow your passion and money will come, there is no correlation between the 2. If my passion is graphic design and I am well-tuned for business I can become successful with it however I know many passionate interior designers who are struggling and often give up and find a completely unrelated job. The difference between the two is their business acumen. For many Years I have been coming up with passion generated business ideas but it got me no ware because I had no business acumen, as soon as I decided to learn all I needed success started happening slowly at first and then very fast.

So to make it in business you need a Product or Service, Customers, a way of Delivering or Fulfilling and a System to keep everything going well. london seo services

Product or Service

If you are passionate about building new and existing websites, graphic design, product testing and so on it is good as you can create offers related to marketing, branding, new product designing and all related industries. In this case your Passion is your Product or Service and can make you money. If on the other hand your passion is looking out of your window I’m doubtful you’re going to turn that into money and if you can there would be more to it, you would have to find a way of making that interesting enough to someone to part with their cash. You see the point is for you to be successful at something your product or service must be valuable to someone who is willing to part with cash for it.


Let’s go with the first example of the marketing enthusiast, he will need customers to be successful so how would he go about finding them? It all comes down to traffic, if you open a fantastic restaurant in the middle of the desert you are going to struggle finding customers. If you open it on a busy high street on in a busy shopping mall you are going to have more customers. We are talking off course about traffic. A business needs traffic to be get customers. I once opened a restaurant on a very busy block between a train station and a coach station, it was a very expensive mistake all that traffic was made of people whose intent was to get to the stations and where not interested of stopping to a restaurant on the way. So we can refine the point and state that you need the right kind of traffic, this is people who are intentionally looking for your service at whatever stage of the process they might be at. Where do you find the right traffic? Well on line off course. Customers are searching for your products or services and if you are there they will consider you, if you are not then you do not exist. So the best way of getting customers is through search marketing. seo services in london

Once you have the product and the customers you need to actually deliver in the case of the marketing expert this can be as simple as a on line presence, a website and specific software and tools to deliver his product or service. In the case of a restaurant you offer Food and Drinks and you need a whole restaurant to deliver it.

System is what you need to collect the money people will want to part with for your services or products and a way of administering logistics and customer service. In our days this is the easiest part as there are a lot of systems out there for any form of business from restaurant ordering and managing software to chartered accountants. You will have no problem finding a system to fulfil your orders or deliver your service.

In conclusion 1-find out what people want now and for the next 5 to 10 years, you can do this with Google trends, 2-read as many relevant books you can find on the topic and become good at it, 3-set up a marketplace for it like a website or use amazon or whatever that might be as long as it is set for conversion it is fine, 4-Get a search marketing agency seo services london Virgilio SEO to make your site come up in front of people searching for that product or service 5-be ready to process all the cash people will want to part with to get that product or service.