Where To Find Natural Neck Pain Relief In Houston


Neck Pain ReliefNeck pain, as a symptom can have many underlying causes, is it not important to find out the root cause of this problem before choosing a course of action?  Would you not want to know where to find natural neck pain relief in Houston instead of relying on muscle relaxers and pain pills?

The most common causes of neck pain today are stress, poor posture, computer work, poor sleep position, food sensitivities, caffeine, and car accidents.  When we look deeper into the actual cause of the pain in the neck most likely it is muscle spasm, spine misalignments, nerve irritation, bone spurs, and inflammation.

If you are a typical Houstonian seeking neck pain relief most likely you go to the pharmacy and get ibuprofen or Tylenol, if you actually go to the medical doctor they will give you stronger pain pills and muscle relaxers.  Prescription medications have there time and place and occasionally there is a need to just alleviate pain for a couple of weeks so you can function properly.  This article focusses more on the alternative or natural side of neck pain relief, finding the root cause and naturally correcting the problem so your body can get back to normal.

Where To Go In Houston To Get Natural Neck Pain Relief

  1. Massage therapist– many people start here because often times they will at least get temporary relief from their chronic neck pain.  A masseuse works on releasing muscles in the cervical spine to help take pressure off the spinal joints causing a reduction in pain.  Massage therapists spend a good amount of time with their patients, from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in comparison with a medical doctor who may see you for 5 minutes.  Going to a registered massage therapist is a great place to start when trying to alleviate neck pain, however, if the problem persists the client may wish to get a more comprehensive evaluation.

2. Acupuncture– going to an acupuncturist is also a great place to start when looking for neck pain relief.  These alternative doctors look at energy blocks in the body and how they relate to symptoms a patient is coming in with.  When energy does not flow properly in the body it usually shows up as some kind of a symptom such as headaches, neck pain, allergies, fatigue or digestive issues.  These natural health practitioners work on removing the blocks and re-establishing energy in order to restore health to the body.

3. Chiropractor-chiropractic doctors look to identify spine, joint and nerve interference that may be causing your neck pain.  These holistic doctors like acupuncture doctors focus on the root cause of the problem and then come up with a treatment plan to get the body to correct the issue naturally.  The profession was born in the 1800’s and have always believed that the body can heal and repair itself from the inside out, it just needs the right healthy remedies.  Chiropractic treatment techniques have been shown to be superior to any other therapy or medicine when dealing with neck or back pain.

Remember you can always get shots or medicine from your medical doctor but they do not address the root cause of your neck pain.  Feeling good is one thing but fixing the problem is the key to better health and wellness.  If you are searching for natural alternatives to medicine for neck pain in Houston you have a handful of choices, don’t wait around, take action and start getting some relief.